AI Careers

We're always on the lookout for talented people interested in revolutionizing the way technology in businesses operates. When you join our team, you join passionate, dedicated individuals working together for the long-term.

Sure signs that Architecting Innovation is NOT a place you want to work:


You thrive on being a mere peasant among 1000s of other employees in a corporation

You enjoy arriving at the office, met by the boss sternly looking at his watch

You're happy to submit your individual expression to an archaic dress code

You abhor the site of a pool table in the office

You believe the workplace is no place for fun and laughter

You enjoy having your ideas ignored or others taking credit for them

Current Openings

Our Core Value

Tactics, Not Strategy

Here we believe in doing just enough long term planning to know where the ball is that we need to keep an eye on and not a bit more. The world moves quickly, needs change, and what’s relevant today can be old news by tomorrow morning. Because of this, we put a strong emphasis on practicing adaptation and being as agile as possible -- we plan our goals, but as pirates like to say "you’re more guidelines" until they’re right in front of us


Get Your Shit Done. Each of us are primarily and ultimately responsible to ourselves, and the banner objective every minute of every day should be to get done what you’ve committed to and to proactively commit to what needs to be done in order to move on to the next step. Never leave anyone waiting or guessing what you’re doing, never overcommit, never be afraid to ask for help. And get your shit done. (Also, check out the GYSHIDO site:

Work Smart

Figure out what it takes for you to leverage the most capability for the least (reasonable) amount of energy and do it. Need to work from a coffee shop where you can have dark roast dripped directly into your bloodstream? Do it, if it makes you the best you can be. Like spending lunch doing Yoga in the snow? Weird, but if it makes you your best, have at. We don’t judge needs, we judge how you comport yourself and the work you do.

Do Everything Full-Assed

Everything. If it’s worth your time and energy to do it in the first place, it’s worth your time and energy to do it right and see it through. Around here we do everything we can to make sure that everything we do gets done completely.

Hit The High Notes

The devil is in the details, but only if you stop paying attention. We believe that the secret to success isn’t making big shiny things, but in perfectly making the small shiny things that form the big ones. In order to accomplish this, we seek to cultivate a breadth of talent that runs the gamut across the disciplines our projects need - not your average tech monkeys who can get a project done, but masters of their craft and subject matter experts who can get it done excellently. Around here we do what we do, and we become the best at it.

Know Your Reason

Sun Tzu wrote about how well-trained forces who know why they’re doing what they’re doing are capable of seizing victory even when their leader dies, and we’ve taken that to heart. Every member of every team understands what they’re working on and has a view of the big picture - leaders exist only to guide the effort in the direction it must go and coordinate work. This allows each of us to make informed decisions in the moment, tailor our efforts to the goal, and spot undermining flaws quickly.

Resourcefulness is King

We come from the School of MacGyver. The first thing we ask ourselves when we start a task is how to best utilize the resources we have, and how we can tailor those into the resources we need. Anything we can’t get that way, we double-check to make sure we really need. While we do everything full-assed, we aren’t afraid to recycle things that still have value.

Team First

We succeed and fail as a team, so the team must come first. If a member of a team is hindering it or being toxic, we address it quickly, constructively and openly. If a member is going above and beyond, we ask them how we can do better. No man is an island, and we know that our team is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Always Be Learning

Being the best is fleeting, staying the best takes hard work. We are always learning and growing, embracing new technologies and methodologies, and experimenting to find what works. We learn about ourselves, about each other, about our discipline, and about anything that catches our interest. You never know when a piece of knowledge might come in handy.

Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work

We specifically do this work because we’re passionate about (and awesome at) it, but we all work to live. In order to achieve this we only work overtime when it’s necessary (and review what made it necessary and how to avoid it), we encourage people to rest and recover while sick (it’s hard to do your best when you’re sneezing, and getting other people sick isn’t cool), and we stand with our teammates during times of tragedy - family in the hospital, funeral, emergency? Get out of here. Get your life back in order. Come back ready to do your best.